Elevated Materials

Our PrimaFiber Process

About our PrimaFiber Process

We care about the sustainability of our processing and deliver garments made with premium quality cotton. During the combing process, we take an extra step to eliminate additional impurities and debris from the cotton. Only long staple yarns are used in the spinning process, which results in a finished fabric that is stronger, softer, and more durable.

End Result: Superior Longevity and Comfort

A Softer Finish

Reducing stray fibers and impurities results in a tight and smooth finished fabric. Our products are optimal for screen printing and do not pill.

Made to Last

Our proprietary process delivers a longer lasting blank garment that won’t wear out from daily use. Maximizing longevity and comfort is a top priority.


West Coast Blends takes an environmentally sustainable approach throughout our production: from spinning to dyeing to our final treatment process.

100% Cotton
0% Synthetic Fibers

All Garments are Pre-Shrunk to Ensure a True-to-Size Fit